Trip to Asiago

Category: My Flights

In the morning of the 31.10.2015, me and my friend Rene started to a VFR flight from Innsbruck (LOWI) to Asiago (LIDA). It's been a sunny autumn day so the weather was no factor for that flight. The flight was calculated for a flight time of 50 minutes ...

After fueling the Aquila A210 in Innsbruck for both legs and doing the preflight checks we were cleared to leave the LOWI control zone (CTR) via Sierra in direction Brenner. Climbing to our designated enroute altitude of 9500 ft we headed toward Bozen and thereafter intercepted the Bozen VOR direct to Asiago.

In the late afternoon, after a great day in the city of Asiago, we started our flight back to Innsbruck.