Access the High-Res Images and Dataset

Eumetcast is a data delivery service provided by EUMETSAT. In my case I am receiving the near real time high resolution satellite data via a telecommunication satellite broadcast at my reception station at home. My license does not allow to rebroadcast or provide the data to the public (see Eumetsat Data Policy). Therefore, all near real-time images and data on the EarthOnline website and the ftp-Server are only accessible after login.

Nonetheless, to get you a first impression of the variety and quality of the high resolution satellite images see the pictures below. If you are interested in more details please create an account for this website here (by clicking "Don't have an account?") or write me an e-Mail for more details on how to use EarthOnline.

In case you already have received your credentials for this website, go to "User Login". Then, once you are logged in, a dropdown menu will appear providing you access to additional content.

If you want more information about the EUMETCast dissemination service and it's technical setup please visit this Onlinewiki. This wiki is under continuous modification and will be extended in different topics over time.