Solar Eclipse

Category: Illustrations

On 20.03.2015 we wittnessed a partial solar eclipse! The total solar eclipse happend further north over the norwegian sea up to Spitzbergen. This is clearly visible in the following satellite images ...

At about 09:40 UTC the moon covered nearly 70% of the sun. This has been the maximum stage of the eclipse in central Europe. Even in our latitudes one could witness some kind of "dusk falling". On the two satellite images (find them at the bottom of that blog) Italy and central Europe with the alps are clearly visible. Now as you look further north you recognize a circular to elliptical area which is becoming darker towards the north! This is what the solar eclipce looked like from a geostationary satellite over the equator at about 40 000 km from earth.

As I was in Oberpfaffenhofen at that day a colleague sent me the following plot in which the attenuation of the temperature during (and because of) the eclipse is clearly visible.

I received the two satellite images at 09:45 UTC. This means the images have been acquired about 15 minutes earlier - approximately at 09:30 UTC. So the satellite data of the eclipse provided here is just a few minutes before the maximum of the eclipse on that day.

See IMAGE1 and IMAGE2 both received at 09:45 UTC but on different channels.