Foto von PhilippI’am Philipp Hochstaffl and the creator and editor of this website.

As a student you sometimes have (a lot of) free time in which you can dedicate yourself to stuff you are excited about or simply interested in. So I considered to write down some of the things I do/experience and publish them on a web-server (as I am also excited in web technology). So what you'll find here is  the result of that idea some time ago.

You may ask why should someone make stuff public in which he is interested in or what he's doing? First, because I think the things shown on this website are more (or at least as) valuable and useful if made public and not remain on my local hard drive. Second, I only provide things to the public after I adjudged them to be appropriate and third, this can be regarded as a online-portfolio for my interests.

As this website is composed as a blog it is constantly added with articles, pictures etc. and thus subject to constant change and progress. Please don't hesitate to contact me in case of questions, suggestions or whatsoever. Hope you find something good!