Python: Automatic Download and Classification of HD-Webcam Images

Category: Collaborated Works

In this project me and my fellow student Johannes Landmann developed some Python routines (for linux) which automatically download high definition webcam pictures from at a user specified time range ...

After download the script assembles each 45° picture to a 360° panorama. Thereafter another script does some classification on the panorama depending on the number of classes you specify when calling the routines (see bellow how the routines are called). Finally python places all the files which have been created (e.g. ultra high resolution panorama files of the specified time range, a mask of the classification and a classified panorama image) within a new created folder called temp_panomax which is located in the same directory as where the scripts have been executed.

Download the Python-Skripts here ...

To call the routines and let python do the job you have to put the following command into your linux shell:

python -startdate 03.10.2014 -enddate 04.10.2014 -timeofday 12:00 -classnumber 2 -iterations 1

The numbers within the .py file-names are just the date (DDMMYY) of last modification - so don't be confused on that. Hope you try this out and get what you expect. The project is well documented within the following article and presentation which can find as a PDF-file under the following links ...

(Article: Automatisierter Download und Klassifikation von HD-Webcambilder.pdf)

(Presentation: Automatisierter Download und Klassifikation von HD-Webcambilder.pdf)