Wind shear analysis at Innsbruck Airport (LOWI)

Category: My Works

This is the work I have done during my internship at Austro Control at Innsbruck Airport in August 2014. The goal to examine wind shear (WS) events defined by ICAO Annex 3 based on measurements obtained by wind sensors located around the airport. The aim of this report was to evaluate wind shear warnings at LOWI and if there is a possibility to find characteristics of these events based on the measurements of wind sensors ...

As stated in the document "Verfahrensanweisungen für Flugwetterwarnung“ issued by Austro Control GmbH encountered or expected wind shear below 3100aal must be reported by the Pilot as a Air-Report or notified as wind shear warning within the Met-Report for Innsbruck Airport (LOWI).

If you are interested in the Matlab-routines just write me an e-Mail. You can find my analysis in the following PDF-file ... (Wind Shear Analysis at Innsbruck Airport (LOWI).pdf)