Worldwide Troop Talk: Force of the Future

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Once a year, U.S. Defense Secretary (SecDef) Ash Carter schedules a worldwide troop talk to highlight key initiatives such as the "Force of the Future" and building bridges between the Defense Department (DOD) and the tech community and to explain how these efforts benefit service members ...

This years topic at the Troop Talk, scheduled on 21.09.2016, was entitled "Force of the Future" and people (especially service members but anyway) were requested to address their questions to SecDef Ash Carter. I decided to take this opportunity and maybe get a first hand answer, from the person who might has the clearest vision on the future of the US military in the 21st century. The term "Force of the Future" is all about the U.S. military and its asset being the best force in the world. To remain the "finest fighting force the world has ever known", to use Dr. Carter's words, the U.S. military must maintain readiness and be flexible enough to attract and retain the best talent! Click the video and watch the Defense Secretary Ash Carter answering questions including mine - last but not least!

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